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Houston Gravels

We sell the following types of gravels:

Houston Pea Gravel -  3/8" - 5/8" - 1 1/2"

3/8" pea gravel (brown in color when dry)

Pea gravel is used for trench backfill, gardens, dog runs, playgrounds, landscaping and patios.

5/8" pea gravel (rainbow in color)


1 1/2 inch pea gravel (brown in color)

Used in areas that need good drainage.

Also referred to as septic rock due to drainage characteristics.

Bull Rock

2 to 4 inch size river rock.

Used in drainage and garden ponds.

Brown in color.

Decomposed Granite

Used for hiking paths, walkways, and driveways.

Drains well.

Pinkish brown color.


White Limestone

Used for driveways and roadways.

White in color.

1 1/2" or smaller.


Road Base

A mixture of clay and gravel used in road building throughout the world. Championís road base material is a mixture of different size rocks all intermixed with clay and soil. As you drive across this material it becomes harder and harder.

Road base material is used as a driveway surface all on its own. The great thing about road base is you do not need to excavate the old soil out of the way, just apply over the surface of the existing soil.

The road base also is utilized to become the base material for installing other materials for driveways or pathways.

Road base is also utilized for putting down decomposed granite gravel or even crushed limestone.

Lay down several inches of road base and use a compacter to compact it very hard and tight.

Order enough decomposed granite or crushed limestone to lay down 2″ on top, compacted.

Using road road base as your bottom material will save you on over 50% your needs for crushed limestone or decomposed granite.

(photo coming soon)

Crushed Limestone Road Base

A crushed limestone 1Ĺ inch and smaller size pieces are used in road building throughout the world. Color is light blond or tan in color.

Road base material is used as a driveway surface all on its own. Before applying road base to the existing soil you need to insure it will not sink into the lower soil layers. A minimum of 2 inches of clay needs to be set up as base before applying the road base material in place.

If you are building a granite gravel or limestone driveway, use the cheaper road base material before applying the final 2 inches of more expensive material.


Crushed Brick Road Base

Our most economical road base but is not uniform in color.

Construction projects generate waste brick as well as demolition projects. Rather than landfill the waste materials the brick is recycled and run through a crushing unit to size it down to 3/4 inch or smaller size material.

Simply lay down, level and compact by use of a vibration machine to compact the brick and enjoy your new solid surface.

We recommend a minimum of 4 inch thickness for this product to work effectively.

Please be aware that our crushed brick road base is not uniform in color. Keep in mind that it is waste brick and there may be many different colors of brick all mixed together.

This product is not always in stock due to its availability in the construction marketplace.



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